Monday, October 26, 2009

Kat-ober Fest

Lali is a little gray and white cat who has been at the Humane Society for almost a month now looking for a new home after being found on the street in Troy. Lali is slight of build, quiet and gentle. She loves to get attention and would be perfect in a home where she can sit quietly. She sounds like the perfect cat to me who would fit in just about any home. So why is she still here?

It may be that Lali is over 8 years old. Many people looking for a pet want the youngest they can find, often a kitten or puppy. Even when families are looking for calm, child friendly pet they often do not consider older animals. It is terribly unfortunate that such wonderful older animals are often overlooked. That's why, when we get pets Lali's age, we reduce their adoption fee to only $25 in hopes that older people with limited incomes will find their match in an older cat.

Right now, the Humane Society is filled with cats of all ages, including many kittens. When we have so many young kittens it is even more challenging to find homes for older cats.

In order to get as many cats adopted as possible, the Humane Society is holding "Kat-ober Fest" Cat adoption prices have been cut in half through Sunday November 1st. Our hope is that Lali and all of her fellow felines will find new homes this weekend.

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