Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Beanie Babies, Not Bunnies

These are just two of the Rabbits at the Humane Society need homes, and will be spayed or neutered before leaving.

Every year, people around the country go out and buy baby bunnies and chicks for Easter. Sometimes the little babies are dyed pastel colors for the season. They are often impulse purchases for excited children who may think that these babies are the most exciting things they have ever seen, so mom and dad give in and bring one home. But then what happens?
Baby chicks become chickens and little baby bunnies become full grown rabbits. Most people don't have an appropriate place to keep a chicken and they often wind up abandoned or given up to farm rescues right away.
Many people make a go of keeping the rabbits they have purchased, but children may soon lose interest and parents come up against the reality of how much care a rabbit really needs. In just a few months, people who bought more than one bunny may find out that they start reproducing at a very young age (yes that reputation is well earned). Soon there may be many bunnies, more than anyone planned for.
So, after a few months of good efforts, the rabbit ends up at the Humane Society, or maybe at a rabbit rescue like the rabbit resource http://www.therabbitresource.org/. We are preparing for an influx of these baby bunnies, but we are really hoping that people will forgo their Easter baby bunny and chick purchase to begin with.
To discourage the purchase of live bunnies and chicks, the Mohawk and Hudson River Humane Society will give away a free beanie baby to any child who comes in and pledges that they will not get a baby bunny or chick this Easter. The give away starts today and will continue through Easter or while supplies last.
Let's choose stuffed toys this year, not live animals.