Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What to do about Mike

The big news of the day in the Capital Region is that the Albany Firebirds have offered Michael Vick a contract with the provision that Vick give $100,000 to the Mohawk and Hudson River Humane Society. At first blush it sounds great for the Society to receive a huge influx of money to support our programs and save more animals' lives, but at what cost?
I believe in redemption. I know that people can change and be better people. I don't believe that you make change by paying someone else any amount of money. Vick has already paid almost a million dollars for the care of the dogs that survived his dog fighting ring. I don't think that anyone would say that changed him as a person. Did going to prison change him? I suppose it might have, but we really don't know.
Rather than money, I would like to see Michael Vick become a member of the Capital Region community who works to prevent animal cruelty and put a stop to dog fighting. I think that his time and proper use of his fame will be a much better indicator of a change in attitude than writing a check, even if it is to a worthy cause.

I would love to know your opinions on this issue. Please click on comments below and let me know what you think.


  1. Wow!! This is a hard one. On the one hand the money would be great for MHRHS, but on the other are we selling the shelter short? As a contributor and volunteer for the shelter I really have mixed emotions about accepting the money. I honestly don't think Vick is a 'changed man' he is a man who got caught and had to apologize to lessen his sentence. So, I guess if I have to vote.....my vote is No!! The MHRHS has many loyal and dedicated supporters and I think accepting monies from a ruthless animal abuser sends the wrong message to the community.

  2. I understand that there is a significant amount of money involved, however, in my opinion it is NOT worth it. I look at this as a bribe and sending a very bad social message.
    I hope this is just one of thousands of comments expressing the DISAPPOINTMENT, OUTRAGE and DISGUST at the idea of Michael Vick coming to Albany.
    If the Firebirds are looking to boost 'family' entertainment sales, they are sadly mistaken - they will have more protesters than audience.  This individual is not someone that anyone wants to see, let alone even hear about, and shame on the team & Garen Szablewski for such an ugly publicity stunt. 

  3. In a perfect world that would work.
    You cannot "make" someone do it if it is not in their heart.
    The animals can certainly use the money, so take it and then if he still wants to be an advocate, he will.
    It's unfortunate that he won't spend his life in prison or go through the agony that the dogs did.
    thanks for asking.

  4. This is blood money to ease celebrity Vick's return to the NFL. If you accept the money, you condone his misbehavior by putting a price on it.

  5. Vick has declared bankruptcy - you won't see a dime of that $100,000 bribe. But you WILL have flushed the good name of the MHRHS down the tubes by even considering accepting this blood money. Do yourself a favor - take a stand in defense of the animals you are supposed to protect; make a very public statement against this "joke"; turn the horribly negative publicity you just received into a positive by coming up a statement that is less spineless and wishy-washy than the one on your blog. Michael Vick has not changed; he cannot be rehabilitated; he is not sorry for what he did, he is sorry he got caught. You think he will turn into an advocate?? That he will work to prevent animal cruelty?? EVERYTHING he's done since being caught has been designed to save his own sorry butt - the fake apology, the money to care for the survivors of his atrocities. My guess is that he is still bankrolling dog fighting from prison and laughing at the system. Try not to play into his game.

  6. I am also a volunteer at the shelter and at first thought, receiving that much money seems like a great thing. It could be stretched to help and save MANY animals that come through the shelter. However, I'm not sure that accepting money from Vick would worth it. Not only does it attach the shelter to his bad name, it sends the message that MHRHS is supporting his "apology"- not that I think he feels any sort of remorse for what he did. But in the end, shouldn't all the shelter care about be doing everything it can to help animals? If we turn money away, aren't we continuing what he did- hurting animals- instead of accepting it and helping them? Isn't there a way to both accept the money and also say, "We do not support Michael Vick, but we do support our animals and this money will go incredibly far in helping fund their care?" I'm not arguing either way, I honestly have no clue what's best... I'm just glad this decision isn't up to me because it's a tricky one, for sure.

  7. I saw this on LiveJournal, and thought you might be interested. I'm in Michigan, but I'm considering making a similar appeal to the Firebirds: http://bangping.livejournal.com/179097.html

  8. I'm glad it wasn't approved by the owner of the team, I don't think Michael Vick has changed at all, but when everyone is watching of course he will act as if he has.