Saturday, April 4, 2009

Radio Day

I had another great show this morning with Jamie Roberts on 810 WGY's Pet Talk. Jamie is a big animal lover and does a great job on the show. Today we mostly talked about the shelter's need for volunteer foster parents. Spring is upon us and kittens are being born. This means that we need people to open their homes to kittens so that they can grow old enough to be adopted. Almost 1,000 animals went through our foster program last year and we hope to find even more foster homes this year.

Today was also the second day of Paws for a Cause at the empire state plaza. I really love going to this event every year. The plaza is filled with animal lovers of all kind. There is an incredible diversity of non-profit groups, animal service businesses and veterinarians all taking different approaches to help animals. The speakers range from vets talking about the latest in stem cell treatments to a trainer who dances with her dogs. It is great fun and I love standing at our booth and just chatting with everyone who stops by. I'm already looking forward to this event next year.